Accommodation, Campings in Normandy

    To choose the camping, it is to be certain to share a moment close to the nature. You will have the choice between the tent for the most rash, the caravan for the accustomed and the bungalow or the mobil-home for those who wish more comfort. The charm of the camping, it is all above the meetings, the cheerfulness of the vacationers and all the good memories in the future.
11 in Normandy.
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picture of Camping L'Escapade
  • Low season of 231€ to 364€
  • Average season of 252€ to 441€
  • High season of 462€ to 623€
  • School holidays of 504€ to 686€

Campings in Cahagnolles

Camping L'Escapade

loisel rue de l'église 14490 Cahagnolles (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 21 63 59  - Fax : 02 31 92 06 48
L'Escapade campground is located near Bayeux and Caen, in a beautiful and
calm landscape. Our campground is the perfect destination for a peaceful
retreat, but we offer accomodations like fishing ...
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picture of BEL SITO
  • Low season of 5€ to 9€

Campings in Baubigny


LECOEUR Caumont de la rue 50270 Baubigny (Manche)
Phone : 02 33 04 32 74  - Mobile phone : 06 75 80 72 80
Unique holidays in a unique setting, a panoramic view over the Baubigny dunes, the sea, the Channel Islands (Jersey, Sark and Alderney) and the magnificent sunsets.
You are looking for freedom, you ...

Campings in Le Bourg-Dun

locations de mobil home Emplacement Caravane tente

Mne Pigeard 12 route de luneray 76740 Le Bourg-Dun (Seine-Maritime)
Phone : 02 35 83 10 44  - Mobile phone : lati 49°52'02'' longt 0°53'16''
Camping calm and green area, in the countryside, in full nature, in the small village of Bourg Dun. The sea at less than 3 km, the largest sandy beach of the area (ebb tide) field for tents and ...
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