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    Religious Heritage
    Abbeys in basilicas by way of chapels or cathedrals, a wide choice of visits and déouvertes offers itself to you. That you are an amateur of the sobriety of the Romanesque art or the magnificence of the Gothic art, you will be enchanted to visit the numerous present buildings on all the French territory.

4 dans la Manche.
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Religieuse erfgoed in La Lucerne-d'Outremer


Virginie Parmentier Route de l'abbaye - 50320 LA LUCERNE D'OUTREMER 50320 La Lucerne-d'Outremer (Manche)
Tel : 02 33 60 58 98

Religieuse erfgoed in Gratot

Ermitage Saint-Gerbold

Direction des sites et musées départementaux Route de l'ermitage 50200 Gratot (Manche)
Tel : 02 33 05 96 07
Foto Abbaye de Hambye
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Religieuse erfgoed in Hambye

Abbaye de Hambye

Mme Virginie Ladurée-Coat Route de l'Abbaye 50450 Hambye (Manche)
Tel : 02 33 61 76 92  - Fax : 02 33 61 99 91

Religieuse erfgoed in Coutances

Cathédrale de Coutances

Marie-Hélène Lamy Place Georges Leclerc 50200 Coutances (Manche)
Tel : 02 33 19 08 10  - Fax : 02 33 19 08 19
Coutances cathedral is open every day from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m.
Along with the "Marvel" of Mont-Saint-Michel, Coutances cathedral is a jewel of gothic art in Normandy. The current building was ...
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