Heritage, visit, Park and garden in Normandy

    Parks and Gardens
    Completed for the nature lovers, parks, flowery gardens, kitchen gardens and arboretums plunge you into a case of greenery for a walk of the most soothing.

    Observe, smell, touch your senses are on the alert! Take advantage of the inexhaustible wealth of the vegetable world.
10 in Normandy.
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Park and garden in Vernon

Maison et Jardin de Claude Monet à Giverny

Alain Cauderlier 38 route de Giverny 27200 Vernon (Eure)
Phone : 02 32 51 13 53
Giverny and Vernon city guide, Claude Monet's house and gardens, tourist informations, hotels and restaurants. Claude Monet's life and impressionist art. Impressionism, Museums, Gardens, Castles. A ...
picture of Le Jardin de Manou
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  • High season of 3€ to 5€
  • School holidays of 3€ to 5€

Park and garden in Percy-en-Auge

Le Jardin de Manou

Mme Mireille Launay 8 grande rue 14270 Percy-en-Auge (Calvados)
Phone : 09 72 98 54 84  - Mobile phone : 06 08 09 57 90
Dans une ancienne ferme du pays d'Auge, Manou fait découvrir:
- son jardin (7000 m²) et ses différentes espèces végétales
- les anciens bâtiments agricoles qui portent encore les traces du ...
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