микросхема Hôtel de la Cathédrale

жильё,аренда , отели en Seine-Maritime

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Hôtel de la Cathédrale

Mr Delaunay Laurent 12, rue Saint Romain 76000 Rouen (Seine-Maritime)
телефон : 02 35 71 57 95  - факс : 02 35 70 15 54
смотреть на сайте http://www.hotel-de-la-cathedrale.fr Built around a timbered and cobble-covered courtyard, this hotel is on a pedestrian street midway between the cathedral and the Eglise St-Maclou, opposite the Archbishop's Palace where Joan of Arc was tried. The recently remodeled rooms are well maintained and tastefully furnished, accessible by both stairs and an elevator. All the units contain showers, but only a few come with tub baths as well. Breakfast is the only meal served.
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